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We are CHEP FRESH equipment agents, processing issues and returns for the top of the South Island region

Crate Wash Facilities

We have an onsite plastic crate wash facility, ensuring high quality standards for re-issue

Transport Delivery Service

Providing an equipment transport delivery service throughout the Nelson region

Crate Conditioning Service

Providing a small crate conditioning service for other industry operators

Committed to Providing Exceptional Service

Crate Services Ltd is committed to providing exceptional customer service, to work closely with the equipment suppliers provide efficient and effective information to ensure optimal stock levels are held to service the Nelson regions demand.

Committed to Prompt and Efficient Service

Crate Services Ltd is committed to working with all stock holders to condition crates in a timely manner and receive and return crates promptly.

Committed to Having What You Need

Crate Services Ltd philosophy is to have the right equipment in store and available at the right time for the customer.

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